Sexual Fantasies

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Some people like to celebrate their kinkiness by “collecting” and showing-off their affection for unusual activity, while others do their best to steer clear of anything out of the ordinary. However, technically almost everyone has some kink or fetish, and it’s not unusual for someone to not realize they have it. Let’s get technical.

Technically speaking, a kink is any unconventional sexual practice, concept or fantasy. Conventions change from place to place and from culture to culture, but most people’s definition of conventional is “a man inserts his penis into a woman’s vagina in the missionary position until he reaches orgasm and ejaculates”. Obviously, I’m not writing this to suggest that there’s anything not OK with any other form of sex…I’m just trying to set a baseline. This baseline also means that anything else would fall under the definition of either a Fetish, or a kink.

The repercussions can sound a bit weird. For example, there’s hardly any man in modern times that isn’t aroused by looking at breasts. However, breasts are not technically sexual organs, and while modern western society has been celebrating breasts for decades, there are cultures where breasts are not considered to be more attractive than a woman’s elbows or belly-button. All this means that technically speaking, breasts are a sexual fetish, just like being aroused by a woman’s feet.

Another common thing…oral sex. Since oral sex cannot possibly lead to procreation, it is technically considered to be a sexual deviation, and it has been traditionally banned in many religions and societies. In fact, even today, there are quite a few states in the US where oral sex is still explicitly illegal! Same goes for Anal sex. In Alabama, Georgia and several other states, even selling “obscene” items such as Dildos is illegal.

To be clear, I don’t think liking blow jobs or Anal makes someone a pervert, but I do believe that the vast majority of people are kinky to some degree. This is based on results from a lot of statistical data and research available online, as well talking to many people about the topic. A lot of people may not be aware of their kinks, or may not be aware that something they like is a kink (for example, if you are aroused by role-play in which you or your partner wears a specific outfit, such as a maid or a policewoman…that’s a kink). Some people only discover their kinks at a more advanced age, once they get used-to or are less aroused by old-fashioned missionary-position intercourse. I also believe becoming aware of what you like and pursuing it is not only fun and fulfilling, but also healthy, as repression can lead to aggressiveness and depression. Are you interested in finding out your kinks?